Merakindie is proud to present ‘COLLISIONS’, an evening of audio-visual excursions in expanded cinema, by artists Robert Curgenven and Darren Kirwan.

Robert Curgenven, who has released compositions to critical acclaim on LINE, The Tapeworm, Dragon's Eye, Touch Radio and his own Recorded Fields Editions, and has appeared at various international festivals, will perform his piece Interferences, described as, “Three turntables, custom-made oscillators, 1930s acetates, custom-cut dubplates and a whole lot of bass – polyrhythmic phasing in light and sound brings your whole body and the surrounding space into a face-melting physical constellation. Projections powered directly by the heavily phasing audio use Edwin Land’s (inventor of Polaroid sunglasses and Polaroid photography) work with colour shadows to create a head-wrecking synaesthetic experience with the spontaneous production of colours and patterns which may or may not be there.

Darren Kirwan is a Cork-based artist working with sound and light who builds his own systems to create unique and engaging experiences designed to question the existence of certain technologies within our societal structures.  He will perform his piece ‘in.stance’, an audio-visual spoken word performance, implementing custom built systems for processing real time camera and live audio, featuring Maeve Garvan on voice and synthesizer. Using intense video fx, sound design, spoken word and live synthesizer, this performance confronts us with a dark, dystopian tale that is, as Darren intends to “provoke and disturb.”

This very special and unique event in the newly renovated Cyprus Avenue with impressive state of the art sound system and subs, brings us two exclusive performances that arrive at the intersection between light, sound and experience. Each artist uses his own custom-developed systems to deliver a spectacle that threatens to disturb, provoke and transform its viewers: subsonic frequencies, precision sound design, synaesthetic light projections and fog create an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

Tickets e10.