Having written, recorded and performed together for the best part of 15 years, O Emperor will release their third and final studio album Jason on the 2nd November 2018.  To celebrate this final release the band will play 3 final shows this November:

The Grand Social, Dublin - 3 November

Dali, Cork - 16 November

Project, Waterford - 23 November

Jason was conceived over the course of a handful of chaotic sessions at the band's Cork recording studio. During this period, the band were straying from the idea of working on typical song structures and instead exploring the outermost reaches of the collective process of improvisation (known colloquially as "jamming"). These lengthy jams were recorded live in the room with a minimum of equipment and technical fuss, with a view to capturing the sound of the spontaneous musical interactions through a fuzzy auditory lens. In terms of sound and vibe, the records of early 70s African psychedelia were to be a mental benchmark for the band.

Ultimately, these jams were edited, spliced, re-purposed and flipped to create songs of sorts, and vocals were scribbled into the picture where necessary. The result is a dank, groove-centric record; a collage representative of the communal brain which is tapped into at the most transcendent, super terrestrial moments of discovery. The playing is pure and unguarded while  grooves bubble and sway in sympathy with the collective wandering. The album form itself is dealt with loosely, with the result being more of a stream-of-consciousness mixtape scenario. It could easily be imagined as a forgotten gem found deep in the vaults of the discerning crate digger - equally effective for a late night listen on headphones or a slow cruise through town on a hot, sticky day. In the name of Axel's rod, we give you... Jason.  

Tickets for the Dali show are on the door only.

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