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ARTHURITIS is a pan-dimensional being from one of the fruitful moons orbiting Lukon 5. He was first sighted by humans in 2013; caught on camera as he tried to escape Earth's atmosphere on a piece of gym equipment with an AA battery in each ear.
His cryptic lyrics lend themselves less to storytelling and more so to abstraction. As a result more complex mosaic-like narratives form, teetering over the listener like a bejewelled sonic totem pole. Their placement and importance lies in the listener’s individual connection to the meaning of each word.

While this goes on, layered organs and synthesizers drift over rugged rhythmic landscapes in a shimmering fog. Melodies bump and creep along like scuttling creatures on the ocean floor.


The conglomerate of the organisms:

ARTHURITIS (Vocals/Synths)

Alex Sampson (Guitars)

Dan Walsh (Beats/Sax/Keys)

Josh Sampson (Drums)

Sam Clague (Guitars/Clarinet)

Sonny Sampson (Bass/Synths)